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Pan-asian or supra-regional resources related to the Asian continent.



Probably the best resource to monitor Asian developments, is Bytes for All, maintained by Frederick Noronha [1] and team.

This list of participants at the Asia Commons conference [2] gives you an idea of who is active in the Commons-related fields in this continent.

The Directory of Democracy Bloggers [3] has a country-by-country overview of sources.

A good context for understanding A2K Access to Knowledge and Access to Health concerns, is this text by Jamie Love on Bilateral Free Trade Agreements and IP

A selection of English-language Asia blogs is made for the nominations of the Best Asian Blog Awards

Also check the Delicious Tag P2P-Asia

The following country pages are available: Burma, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand

The selections below will be chosen in cooperation with Frederick Noronha.


Digital Divide

Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme [4]


Asia 24-7 TV Engage Media

Open/free organizations


List of GNU/Linux user groups across South Asia

Asian Open Source Centre - Asia OSC

Promote open source and free software in Asia.

Advocates and activists

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