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This wiki section is dedicated to the topic of "How do we make Peer Production sustainable?


Also read:

  1. How Open Source Development is Funded‎, study of the funding of open source projects
  2. Shared Financing of Community-Based Businesses; (applies to the U.S.A.). By Jenny Kassan of SELC
  3. Crowdfunding and the Law. Janelle Orsi, SELC
  4. Autonomy, Labour, and the Political Economy of Social Media. By Dmytri Kleiner


  1. Donations-based business model
  2. Crowdfunding business model
  3. Freemium as a business model

To be developed:

  1. Ethical finance
  2. Social investment and philantropic venture capital
  3. Microfinance
  4. Social lending
  5. Prizes

Important Initiatives

  1. The Open Venturing Accelerator‎‎ of the Hub Launchpad‎, an expression of the Open Venture Movement‎‎ that funds open and transparent companies (see also the proposals for an Open Limited Company‎ form and a (Open Company Sector‎
  2. Goteo, commons and community oriented crowdfunding platform
  3. Gittip is a way to give small weekly cash gifts to people you love and are inspired by.
  4. Flattr [1], a system for social micro-donations to support online creative work
  5. Kachingle, quite similar to Flattr, but uses Paypal and proportionally distributes amongst number of visits to sites users wish to support
  6. CivicSponsor [2] is a new twist to crowdfunding--it allows folks to contribute to public projects in their neighborhood. Get new bike lanes from your local government, receive a tax deduction. Great participatory budgeting initiative.

Indy Johar on the Open Venture Movement

"Our hypothesis

1. Venturing + Activism = one of the best instruments democratic instruments for changing the world

2. Open is both; Open as in radically transparent + Open as in (Openly Shareable + Openly Editable + Openly re-shareable) = a systemic pathway to a radically democratic economy

3. We believe Open is going from the Open web to the the Open Everyday

4. We have built a £4m framework accelerator to seed this Open everyday economy..

5. This will be a learning journey for us, the startups,..."

Key Resources

Key Articles

Key Policies

Crowdfunding Directory

Investing in start ups
Supporting projects
P2P lending
* 33needs

Energy Crowdfunding Platforms

  1. Solar Mosaic
  2. SunFunder
  3. Abundance Generation
  4. CleanCrowd
  5. Microgenius
  6. Sunnycrowd
  7. OnGreen
  8. Skipso
  1. Green Fundraising
  2. Green Unite
  3. GreenFunder
  4. Green Crowd


Directory with links at

  1. Crowdfunding-Based Startup Investments‎ ; Equity-Based_Crowdfunding, investing for profit-sharing
  2. Crowdfunding-Based Project Support
  3. Crowdfunding-Based P2P Lending
  4. Crowdfunding-Based Microcredit
  5. Crowdfunding-Based Donations

See also: Crowdfunding for Social Change Projects, a top 10 directory compiled by Dowser

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  3. Equity Crowdfunding SEC FAQ

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