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Key essay on P2P in French: Le peer to peer: nouvelle formation sociale, nouveau model civilisationnel.

French developments are mostly covered in our French-Language pages]

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Fab Labs and Hackerspaces

Paris intra-muros

• La Nouvelle Fabrique (kind of Fablab) at 104

• La Blackbox (hackerspace)

• le fabelier (hacker/networking space)

Paris surburbs'

• Le Faclab at Gennevilliers

• L'Electrolab (hackerspace) à Nanterre

• tmplab (hackerspace)



= French digital rights organization, focused on promoting and defending libre software


December 2007:

"Our french libre software association, APRIL, is getting bigger. We just passed the 1700th individual member, and got over the last years corporate members such as SUN Microsystems, Thalès, Neuf/Cegetel, Wengo, Fon, Adacore, Mandriva, etc. We now have three persons working full-time. Our main objectives are to raise awareness about Libre Software and defend it whenever it's in danger." (

For the last few years, the menaces became more and more threatening for our freedom in the digital world. We had to build campaigns and tools to structure our efforts and cooperation between individuals and organizations.

  • EUCD.INFO : For 3 years, 1 to 3 persons worked full-time to build solid documentation, contact politics, write amendments, contact journalists, etc. about the French transposition of the EUCD directive (DADVSI

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