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SCLCS. SGM. GCMG (Award Pending Her Majesty's Approval). HA: BRF, RF, USF, et al.
Supreme Lord Admiral & Court Jester
of the Star Trek
Nathan Wilson Cravens
[Conductor] | [House Keeper]
[Librarian Proper]

Latest Publication
United States to Empower Europe

Theater of Life:

First Director. Sophie Kent.

  • Adviser to Ms. Kent: Carmen Chaplin. Actor-Director. Promoter of Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre. 8 April, at whim. Cool? Your Discretion, Dane.
  • Executive Director. Andrew Greenwood. Quality Analysis Specialist.
  • Dawn Elizabeth. Chair. Proprietor.

Michaela. First Guardian (Czech Republic via St. Paul's Cathedral)

  • Fiona. Art Lead
  • Danny Shine. King of Propaganda: Anti-Corruption Division.
  • Stefani Germanatta. Executioner Supremo. (UN: New York / Italia / Ect / Ect. / Et al)
  • Schiller: Department Head: Education (USA)
  • Jon Moss. Lead Executioner (Tech North: Hull)
  • AKA NinjaEconomics: Lady Priestess of San Fran. Lady of Humane Justice.
  • AKA EatTheWorld. Prince of San Fran. Lead Pounder of Knowledge.
  • Iuean. King of Wales. Sheriff of Nottingham and Londinium. His Lord Mayorship of the London Realm. Ect., ect.
  • Allure. First Order: Rock-n-Roll. King of India. [Confirmed: Warrior Class: Head Executioner]
  • Katie: Lead Emergency Space Mission Core Group of Four. First Ambassador of the English Federation (UK: Norwich)
  • Kerri: First Minister of Fun (UK: Humberside)
  • Connie: First Minister of Knowledge (UK: Tiptree)
  • ZΩE: The Rock Absolute, The Mill Stone, and The Pernishessly Steadfast Weaver. Mother of Eve.

Who, prey ye, hath recieveth Thyn Call? Cometh forward ye or Parish by Thyn Own Hands, ye Fool, yay Coward, nay World of the Dying Dead.

¤ Operation: White Eagle ¤
¤ Execute: ¤
< United States Special Branch >
¤Corrective Division¤

  • Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Warren & Dennis Kucinich
  • Council: Bernie Sanders
  • Supreme Justice: Ralph Nader
  • House Keeping / Secretary: Nathan W. Cravens

[Core Complete.]
¤¤¤ Mission: Reform the Institutions of Global Governance. ¤¤¤
[Tread Delicately]
Thank You for Your Service.
< OUT! >

@nwcrav | Contact || Residence: 1 Whittington, Humberside || Nathan's Music at Mixcloud & Soundcloud | Founder Open Manufacturing Discussion

Interests: Helping the Sick and Suffering, Divine Order & Discipline, and Art and Mastery of All Forms.

Most recent non-fiction publications: The Humanoid Machinist. . or, What is Art? | From Big to Small: Open Fabrication, Modular Production, & Programmable Matter|
An Ode to Platform Cooperativism: The Quest for Greater Freedom | Introducing a Rescue Package for Refugees

New to P2P thinking? See: Top 10 P2P Trends of 2015 by Michel Bauwens


Actors I'd Like to Learn With

Jared Leto. Cumberbatch. Sir Stewart. Keanu Reeves. Jessica Alba. Tanya Renea Holley. Jessica Chastane. Lady GAGA. Rene Zelwiger. Claudia Hammond. Scarlette Johansson. Reese Witherspoon. Bobby White. Opra. . ect ect

Tesla Motors: Lead Strategy

¤ Model X8 ¤
Hydrogen power optimized via Cell Chamber Technology. Electric Charge to Navigate Fire initiated within Breaking System: Minimal Lithium input. All wheel Quadrupal Bound Direct Drive. Style remaking that of Ferrari & Bentley et al. $75k priced Luxury Sedan at FULL THROTTLE package. 0-60 in 2.5 secs up to 0-60 at 1.2 secs. Equip for Space Flight? Optional.

Batman: Riddled Gotham

After James Stewart (pre-Riddler) loses a daunting legal battle against Wayne Enterprises over his techical findings, he retreats to his home laboratory to Geek Out Massively on LAW to the degree he Becomes THE Riddler using every ploy and twist of mind to win over and ring lead the Suicide Squad, then prepare to Dominate the City via Mind Control Aparati. Batman has never faced such an impossible task, but after Beautifully Articulated Fight, Battle, and War scenes the movie ends, well, I wont Spoil That. :p
Conductor: Hans Zimmer
Writer/Director: David Ayer

  • Jessica Chastane as Poison Ivy
  • Nathan W. Cravens as The Riddler
  • Jared Leto as The Joker
  • Will Smith, Ect. ect.

Matrix: Overloaded

Neo must go back in Time to save Morpheus as he Saved Him. An Epically Masterful Thriller Starring: Keanu Reeves (Neo), Lawence Fishburn (Morpheus), Oxymandis (?), Lady GAGA as Grand Executioner, Scarlette Johannson as Queen Mother, Julia Roberts as Mother Superior and Gate Keeper, and THE TIME LORD. Yeah, man.
Conductor: Don Davies Writers/Directors: The Wachowskis

Expendables: Hidden Justice

The Expendables assemble yet again to Defeat an Arch Nemesis named Wron, a mysterious young man who suddenley rises from Obscurity to Notariety by Ruthlessly Dominating the Global Energy Sector from his Houstonian Estate and Elite Clubs. The final Scene concludes with Jean-Claude van Dam defeating Wron in a Masterfully Executed Fight Scene.
Conductor: David Arnold
Writer/Director: Silvester Stalone

Star Trek: Final Contact (Starring Sir Stewart and Sir Cumberbatch)

Romulans prepare to Invade Earth/Federation Headquarters. There is seemingly no STOPPING THEM THIS TIME. Therefore: Khan (Cumberbatch) is re-reserected. The Deal: Khan will Twart the Romulans by going back in time to capture the Best Star Fleet Captain Ever~Jean-Luc. Khan to Jean: "We have a Mission, Captain."
Conductor: Don Davis with Cliff Martinez
Writer/Director: Steven Soderberg

Project Tango: 2045

A Senior Officer, Tom Sanders, of Harlem is called into Action toInvestigate the Whereabouts of a Suspect formally convicted of Mass Homocide. Sanders is Questioned by a High Commander why such Investigations are Taken. Following an interluded investigation of his Upper Standing's Dealings realizes the Assailant is worming for the Federation of Russia - now Occupied Western Europe who works for the High Commander.

When High Commander attempts to conceal the trail-the Plot thickens - as it is discovered that a Mind Controlled Cat had spread a teleological Virus that Renders all Subjects to become evermore distrated, irritated, and zombie-like. Food and Drink are priced Astronomically as consequence. Suddenley the veil drops to show between the fog Nut and Fruit trees had been left to grow now to be enjoyed by its people. A Happy New York.
Conductor: Cliff Martinez (ft. Tim Hecker)
Writer/Director: Steven Soderberg

Star Trek: Borg Rising

This is an era where the Romulans are now extinct, however the Borg grows in strength, assimilating ever more massively and ruthlessly than ever before. A solo mission is first taken to investigate, however it is quickly realised that two Star Destroyers will be needed OR the Universe becomes Borg. After everyone involved becomes entangled, there will be moments of surreality, or the questioning of reality, free will, the nature of power, and so on.
Conductor: Don Davies with Cliff Martinez
Writer/Director: Steven Soderberg

Star Trek: Apocalypse

[For the Ultra Hyper Super Geeks (Jocks & Punks will enjoy the "Action")]
The Federation has fallen victim to the Kassinan Forces of Delta Star 9 System/Exetor 10 of whom warrants Jurisprudence over Repremands Admonished by the Trisectional Committee: Base 1. Heretofore everpresent remains intrigue into the Nature of the Phenominon which dictate means neccissary for Investigation. . (to be Continued)

Code Red [A British "Super Troopers" Set in London]

Seagent Cliffard faces the task of reforming the dumbest and odd forces as goverment cuts lower policing standards. Year? 2025. The Euro has replaced the pound except within the wealthy Square Mile. A lot of created confusion ensues when an American begins to complain how the postal system is "ribish" (as an American attempting British English with an American accent for comedic effect, sometimes breaking into (Deadpan and without missing a beat) Edwardian English]. Its Transport for London vs Greater London Police (Black Checkers) vs City of London (Red Checkers) vs the Fire Fighters vs a bunch of idiot citizens. Thanks to Granny Donations, Doctor Pilots ultimately decide to save humanity by resolving a very tricky (as niggly and prattish as Britishers can be) domestic argument.
First Writer/Director/Actor: Simon Pegg
Diane Morgan as Squad Leader
Simon Pegg as Lead Absent Minded Detective

Wizard of Oz: True Love Calling

Dorthy is soon to be Married to Prince Charming, but before knowing he's the One, Dorthy must explore various Goldielocks scenarios almost at random.

Reading Lists


Recommended Books

Below, a Curated Selection by Your Occupy Librarian. (Last stationed 2011-12 in London)
Publishers showing support of the movement via book donations included Zed, Verso, Pluto, AK, and Freedom Press.
The highest praise and support should go to The Radical Grandmother Brigade. They are the Life Blood & Heart of Revolution.

The best book, in my view, would be this: The Ultimate History of the Universe, authored by Superintelligent AI based on the reader's biofeedback, and narrated by a flawlessly simulated Buckminster Fuller. . . For now, the works of Will and Ariel Durant.

Ordered accordingly.

Now Reading

  • Design School Wisdom
  • Slow Burn City. Rowan Moore

Reference Shelf

  • The Dictionary of Alternatives: Utopianism and Organization. Martin Parker, Valerie Fournier, Patrick Reedy
  • Dictionary of Latin Phrases. Jon R. Stone
  • Engineers Databook. 4th Edition. Clifford Matthews
  • Architect’s Pocket Book. 4th Edition. Charlotte Baden-Powell
  • Programming Robots with ROS. 1st Edition. Morgan Quigley. Brian Gerkey. William D. Smart

Futures Studies

  • Superforecasting. Philip E. Tetlock. Dan Gardner
  • Singularity is Near. Raymond Kurzweil
  • Foundations of Futures Studies. Volumes 1&2. Wendell Bell

U.S. Politics


  • All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power. Nomi Prins
  • How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour. Les Leopold
  • All the Devils are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis. Bethany McLean. Joe Nocera.


  • The Glass Cage. Nicholas Carr
  • The Second Machine Age. Erik Brynjolfsson. Andrew McAfee
  • The Internet Is Not the Answer. Andrew Keen
  • Rise of the Machines. Martin Ford

Pre-Automation / Ephemeral Labor / Gig Economy

  • Remote: Office Not Required. David Heinemeier Hansson. Jason Fried

Executive Studies

Right Society



  • Spirit Level
  • The Divide. Matt Taibbi
  • Wealth and Poverty of Nations. David S. Landes


Peer Production



World Order

Life Systems

Help people help themselves.






Augmented Reality

Computer Hardware




Sensors & Scanning



  • RISC-V


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  • Freeshops
  • Tool Librarys

Social Enterprise

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