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P2P Foundation has been very active in Greece with a lab based in Ioannina, a wiki and a blog.

The Greek Wiki

A collection of fundamental texts and videos for P2P theory in Greek can be found in the section of Greek language.

The P2P Lab

The P2P Lab is a media lab interested in interdisciplinary research on free/open source technologies and practices. Its mission is to:

  1. produce innovative, global techno-economic solutions to local problems.
  2. strive for integrative insights on the open technologies and the peer-to-peer practices, coming from various interdisciplinary fields.
  3. organise open events for reflection and action as well as to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing.


Vasilis Kostakis and George Papanikolaou are the administrators of the P2P Foundation's Greek branch.

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