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= project supported by the Romanian company Allevo

URL = http://www.allevo.ro/initiatives/fintp.aspx


"The payments arena in itself has reached a high level of maturity, payments becoming a commodity in the financial industry; on these premises operational software should no longer be a differentiator. Allevo has come up with the idea to develop an open source application for financial transactions processing and, simultaneously, to create a community around it. The application code name is FinTP and it is far from being just an idea anymore, it has grown into a thoroughly documented project.

Allevo is strongly committed to publish, under free-open licensing terms, its own financial transactions processing engine - which capitalizes on a seven years practice proven commercially available application. In our view, an open source application represents in fact the acceptance of the commoditization of the payments processing arena.

FinTP creates a widespread financial transactions processing platform, a cheap alternative (to the current proprietary payment systems) for an industry common solution which will evolve into a new standardization layer." (http://www.allevo.ro/initiatives/fintp.aspx)