Bioregional State

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= the bioregional state is a framework of protecting preexisting forms of ethnobotany and human diversity. [1]

It consists of two institutions:


Finn Jackson:

"What is a bioregional state?

A bioregion is a geographic area that has roughly the same geology and plant life, that is different from the man-made borders imposed upon it. For example, the North Downs, South Downs and the Weald are all distinctive geographic features. Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Kent are all man made counties. The Weald and Downland is possibly a bioregion. It shares distinctive landscape and farming practices, and also building styles, as revealed at the Weald and Downland museum.

So a bioregional state is about matching political boundaries to biological ones. Because doing that is more efficient and effective than drawing a line on a map and saying “This side mine, that side yours.” (

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