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"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model.

You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.

That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called."

~ Buckminster Fuller ~

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Welcome to the P2P Foundation

The P2P Foundation is an international organization focused on studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense. This website is our knowledge commons and it's collaboratively built by our community. Learn more...

Towards an Open Cooperativism for an Autonomous Internet and Society

The Foundation

Our Ideas

Our Key Resources

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Learning More

Who We Are

Overview of P2P Transition Proposals

  • Las Indias summarizes recent p2p thinking from the period 2012-2013 [1]
  • a good summary of the triarchical proposal to simultaneously transform civil society, the market and the state [2]
  • political organizing:
    • 1) local change through civic Alliances of the Commons and Chamber of the Commons producing social charters to recreate local political majorities [3] ;
    • 2) the global alliance of the commons at nation-state level and beyond [4]


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The P2P Paradigms

See also:

The Three Aspects of Application in Society

  1. P2P Civil Society Approaches
  2. P2P Market Approaches
  3. P2P State Approaches

The Peer-Driven Collaborative and Ethical Economy

is based on

Collaborative Economic Practices

using new

Open Company Formats

that aim to

Mutualize Infrastructures

and create income through

Open Business Models

and find investments through

Crowdfunding and P2P Finance

based on

P2P Value Metrics and Open Accounting

that are enabled through new

Legal Infrastructures

and true

P2P Technological Infrastructures.

This necessitates the construction of

Shared Innovation Commons


Open and Distributed Manufacturing

New P2P Culture


How P2P Influences Society


P2P Foundation Calendar 2015

Case Studies

Companies with P2P business models

Conferences on P2P topics

Courses: P2P Curricula

Encyclopedia : New! Mini-version

Events Calendar

Individuals, Who's Who in P2P

Licences: open and free licenses


Movements, P2P and commons-oriented org's


Research on P2P

Resources and tools


Statistics on P2P trends

Media Resources

Articles on P2P topics

Books on P2P topics

Fiction with P2P themes

Graphics to use in presentations

Podcasts and Audio

Webcasts and Video

Special Projects

Our eBooks

Our Printed Books

  • French: Sauver le monde. Vers une société post-capitaliste avec le peer-to-peer. Par Michel Bauwens et Jean Lievens. Les Liens qui Liberent, 2015.
  • Dutch: De wereld redden. Met peer-to-peer naar een postkapitalistische samenleving. Van Michel Bauwens en Jean Lievens. Houtekiet, 2013.

P2P Provisioning Systems

Ten essential provisions for human life:

  1. Air Water Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
  4. Communication
  5. Information
  6. Transportation
  7. Health Care
  8. Energy

Our aims

We function as a clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/p2p and commons-oriented initiatives.

We aim to be a pluralist network to document, research, and promote peer to peer alternatives. Our political aims could be summarized under the following maxims:

  1. ending the destruction of the biosphere by abandoning the dangerous conceptions of pseudo-abundance in the natural world (i.e. based on the assumption that natural resources are infinite);
  2. promoting free cultural exchange by abandoning the innovation-inhibiting conceptions of pseudo-scarcity in the cultural world (i.e. based on the assumption that the free flow of culture needs to be restricted through excessive copyrights etc...).

How to support us?

  1. How you can help us?; How To Contribute; How to Write for our Wiki; P2P Foundation Wiki Requested Articles
  2. Why is participation to the P2P Foundation not totally open?
  3. Important notice on COPYRIGHT: Fair Use Notice

.....Our three strategic priorities for 2015-2016 are:

  • stream 1: co-creating and catalyzing the alternative eco-system for open and cooperative peer production and reconstruction and economic and social power around the commons (this includes work on our Commons-Based Reciprocity License, Open Cooperativism and Phyles, and ethical enterpreneurial coalitions that co-produce commons)

  • stream 2: recreating political voice and power, through bottom up Assemblies of the Commons and Chamber of the Commons that put forward social charters, AND through "top-down" progressive coalitions (through existing politics and parties) coalitions around the commons , i.e. 'the politics and policies of the commons', that continue our efforts to implement Commons Transition Plans.

  • stream 3: creating synergies between cooperative peer production and sustainability, i.e. showing how a transition to the new mode of production, governance and ownership, can solve the ecological / climate crisis

What our visitors are interested in

Currently this wiki contains

  • 28,987 content pages with 92338 total editions.
  • 1919 registered users

This wiki have been visited more than 23,511,999; our home page was visited 1,144,923 times. (updated September 04, 2012)

See [5] and [6] for an insight into our influence through retweets.

15 most popular articles

  1. Product Hacking‏‎ (236,591 views)
  2. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation‏‎ (125,799 views)
  3. Link List‏‎ (92,655 views)
  4. International Commons Conference - 2010‏‎ (76,803 views)
  5. P2P Energy Economy‏‎ (75,748 views)
  6. Greek language‏‎ (68,145 views)
  7. Transfinancial Economics‏‎ (63,041 views)
  8. Commons‏‎ (56,106 views)
  9. Crowdsourcing‏‎ (49,300 views)
  10. Michel Bauwens/Testimonials‏‎ (47,525 views)
  11. Co-Creation‏‎ (42,133 views)
  12. Founders‏‎ (40,994 views)
  13. Essays‏‎ (34,842 views)
  14. Crowdfunding‏‎ (34,434 views)
  15. P2P Blog Essay of the Day‏‎ (31,259 views)


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